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Short Courses

You have discovered CALearning highly accessible, on demand short course video learning modules, a growing range of career savvy workplace training courses.

Announcing ‘Capsule’ style video learning

Immediate results - these effective power learning capsule courses teach you what you need to know in the morning for you to use that afternoon! Explore the range now.

Ease and convenience

At last, on demand learning that is easily accessible by download to your desktop, laptop and mobile device. You can conveniently watch each short course when it best suits you, and play them again as many times as you need.

Let’s start with asking who are you?

Stand Out

I want to stand out.

Leadership skills, Management strategies, Presentation secrets and more.

I’m ready to succeed

Negotiation tactics, Communication skills and Time management tactics.
Stand Out

I’m seeking new strategies

Stress management strategies, Assertiveness tips and Successful meetings skills.

I need a focused team

Create high performance leaders, Achieve effective results and more...
CALearning short capsule courses are first choice for adults who value easily accessible’ how-to’ skills for fast tracking workplace success.

Each on demand short course provides:

  • Dynamic ‘how-to’ material that is immediately relevant to your unique workplace needs
  • High definition video compatible with all browsers and devices
  • Printable Powerpoint manual and/or workbook
  • Additional resource tips, templates and assessments
Now, choose your course!